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Type of eyeglasses

There are two main types of eyeglasses. Single-vision glasses have an all-purpose lens designed to help you see either close-up or far away. Multifocal glasses correct both near and distance vision — all in the same lens. One portion is focused on distance vision, while the other portion is used for up-close activities such as reading.

Materials make a big difference

Eyeglass lenses used to be made only of glass, but today most lenses are plastic. Plastic lenses are lighter, more flexible and safer than glass lenses because they are less likely to shatter. Doctors often recommend polycarbonate lenses for people who need eyeglasses during sports or other activities that can result in eye injuries.

Protective lens coatings

Anti-reflective coatings reduce glare. This makes for easier eye contact, prevents eye strain and improves your appearance. An ultraviolet (UV) coating helps to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation. Prescription sunglasses also offer UV protection. People who prefer one set of eyeglasses for both inside and outdoors may benefit from photochromatic lenses.

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