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Prescription Free-Form Eyeglasses for the Digital Age

Most people will need prescription eyeglasses at some point in their lives. And as the use of digital devices (such as computers, LED TVs, and mobile phones) continues to increase, so has the demand for quality prescription eyewear. Fortunately, this advent of new technology has allowed people to see more clearly than ever did before. Free-form eyeglasses use digital technology that creates a custom set of lenses that fit your exact prescription, which will allow you to see better. And at Marvel Optics, we have a broad selection of free-form glasses that will allow you to take advantage of this new technology — all while making you look more stylish. Feel free to look at what we have in our store, so you can find a free-form lens that’s right for your specific needs.

A Customized Prescription to Help You See Better

When you go shopping for a new set of clothes and notice that part of it is a little too long or doesn’t fit as well, you’ll want to get it customized so it looks perfect when you wear it. With progressive lens glasses, you can get the same level of customization as you would from a tailor. It will allow you to see better than you would with standard lenses because it will be set according to your specific needs. And when you shop at Marvel Optics, you’ll be able to choose from a broad selection of frames. Feel free to look at what we in stock. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a pair of free-form eyeglasses that’s right for you!

The Next Revolution in Vision Correction

Many people in the eyeglasses industry believe that free-form glasses are the next revolution in vision correction because it can offer a level of precision that can’t be found in a standard lens. With these types of lenses, you’ll be able to see better in low light and during nighttime conditions. And you’ll be able to see more contrast than you would with a standard set of eyeglasses. You’ll also be able to see brighter and stronger colors because free-form technology enhances the optics that have been built into the lenses. Feel free to browse through our assortment of free-form eyeglasses, so you can find a pair that’s right for you.

Free Form Eyeglasses FAQs

What are free-form glasses?

Free-form eyeglasses use progressive lenses that are made with a type of digital technology that’s superior to standard lenses. Advances have been made in digital technology over the last twenty years, which has allowed for the use of a free-form lens for people who have more atypical prescriptions. But the biggest advantage to progressive lens glasses is that they can give you almost perfect vision that’s free from any type of distortion. They can also give you a broader field of vision, because the visual correction takes place in the back of the lens instead of in the front.

What are free-form digital progressive lenses?

Also referred to as free-form glasses, digital progressive lenses are customized specifically for your eyes in a similar way as a high-definition TV. Some of the advantages of a free-form lens include but may not be limited to:

  • Sharper vision regardless of distance.
  • A shorter readjustment period with a new prescription.
  • Lower levels of astigmatism.
  • A broader field of vision at every distance.
  • Smaller lens sizes for stronger prescriptions.

Progressive lenses are more accommodating for people who have atypical prescriptions, which makes them clearer than standard lenses. Be sure to look at what we have at Marvel Optics, so you can find a pair of free-form eyeglasses that’s right for you.

What are HD eyeglasses?

Even if your glasses are fully correcting your eyesight, you can sometimes experience anomalies that can affect the quality of your vision. Either it can be the result of certain optical characteristics of your eyes or because of the limitations that come from standard lenses. But recent advances in vision correction have made it possible to manufacture high-definition lenses, which can give you sharper vision than you would with conventional eyeglasses. Not only can they provide a more precise level of vision correction, but they can also reduce the amount of glare that you may experience while driving at night or performing other tasks after the sun has gone down.

How can I tell if my progressive lenses are correct?

Approximately 80% of the problems that people have with progressive lens glasses come from errors being made during the fitting process. When your glasses come back from the lab, the optician will ask you to try them on so he or she can make a final adjustment. If the prescription isn’t centered in the lens, it can keep you from seeing as clearly. The lenses must match your eyes — specifically, with your pupils. And it can be done with two measurements that the optician must take before ordering any new lenses: Pupillary Distance and Fitting Height. Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between both of your pupils, while Fitting Height is the distance from the center of the pupil to the bottom of the lens (which has to be done for each eye).

What is a free-form lens?

A free-form lens uses high-definition technology to “tailor” it specifically for your eyes, which has a number of advantages. This level of precision will not only allow you to see better in both daytime and nighttime situations but will also give you a broader field of vision. You also won’t need to use big and heavy lenses, which can be an advantage for people with stronger prescriptions. If you want to find the perfect pair of free-form eyeglasses, be sure to visit Marvel Optics today!


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