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Clear Eyeglasses

Some glasses look good on all people. Though not the most common type of eyewear, clear eyeglasses have grown in popularity over the last few years due to their widespread appeal. Clear prescription glasses are able to naturally complement every skin tone and complexion, meaning you don’t need to worry about your glasses standing out or drawing attention. What’s more, it is easier to play around with the size of crystal eyeglasses, as the clear nature of the material does not obstruct the fact as darker frames would. All you need to do is take a look at the various style options for clear eyeglasses and find a design you enjoy.

Clear eyeglasses provide a clean and neutral look to accent your facial features without distracting from them. These versatile glasses work well for casual or professional settings, and there are frame styles that serve every purpose, from outdoor sports to trendy fashion statements. Transparent frames on safety glasses carry the added bonus of unobstructed peripheral vision, increasing your perception of your surroundings to boost your safety on the job.

Clear Frames for Everyday Style

Clear frames are an understated way to enhance your look by reducing the contrast between the color of your glasses and the colors of your skin, hair or makeup. The shape of the frame on your face simply adds some dimension and texture to your look without pulling attention away from your natural features. Clear eyeglasses work especially well with light, airy and natural wardrobe color schemes. While transparent frames match any combination of colors, a dark outfit distracts from the visual statement of these modest frames. Pair your clear eyeglass frames with pastels or neutral tones to enhance and uplift your look and make your frames sparkle. A pair of glasses with a translucent jewel-tone can also add a splash of color when you want a more daring look that still has an undemanding visual weight.

Clear Prescription Glasses in the Workplace

Your clear prescription glasses can either make a fashion statement or serve as a valuable addition to your workflow. Readers, bifocals or multifocal prescription lenses upgrade your vision on the job while maintaining a neutral and professional appearance in the office or studio. A pair of clear safety glasses with an ANSI Z87.1 certification promises durability and protection from impacts. The clear side shields on your transparent safety glasses offer a guard against debris while allowing for clearer peripheral vision so you can focus on your environment and avoid accidents in commercial or industrial settings.


Are Glasses With a Clear Frame on Trend?

Clear eyeglasses are trending and chic as casual accessories and professional necessities. The versatility of the clean and minimalist look suits a variety of applications and looks great when paired with any style of wardrobe.

Does the Shape of Clear Frames Make a Difference?

Always choose a frame shape that matches your facial features for the best fit and look. Round frame shapes tend to work well to soften angular faces, while bold or geometric shapes complement round faces.

How Long Do Clear Glasses Frames Last?

Most glasses should last up to three years. Over time, acetate frames can change color due to the properties of the material as it ages, but you shouldn’t see much of a change for up to four years.

How Should Clear Glasses Frames Be Cleaned?

Clean your lenses regularly with a soft microfiber cloth to maintain clear vision. Transparent acetate frames can benefit from a bath in warm soapy water using dish detergent to remove oils and keep the frames crystal clear.

Are Transparent Frames Unisex?

The neutral and minimalist nature of their design of clear eyeglasses has the benefit of working well for absolutely anyone. Simply choose a frame shape and size that suits your facial features for the best possible fit.


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