Wiley X Black Ops Sunglasses

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Wiley X Black Ops Sunglasses

Hunters, athletes and sports enthusiasts choose Wiley X black ops sunglasses to excel in their endeavors due to advanced features that help them see and react. Polycarbonate lenses provide shatterproof protection for the eyes, while a variety of tints offer maximum glare reduction without distorting the view. Like the best safety glasses, options in this collection include facial cavity seals to protect eyes from pollen, dust and more.

Prescription Black Ops Sunglasses

Prescription black ops sunglasses are available in this collection of superior eyewear for those who need vision correction, with lens types that can accommodate a range of prescription strengths, from single to multi-focus. Lens options for Wiley X black ops sunglasses include scratch-resistance coatings, polarization and more.


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