Wiley X Ballistic Sunglasses

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Wiley X Ballistic Sunglasses

Whether you are a hunter, outdoor enthusiast, or just want a tougher image, Wiley X ballistic sunglasses have got your number. These American Sniper glasses are sleek, chic and fully protective, with shatterproof lenses that you can also find in most safety glasses. The perfect fit for shooters, these wraparound frame styles provide a full and clear field of vision, with no temple posts to interfere with your peripheral view.

For those who need vision correction, prescription ballistic sunglasses are also available with all the same safety and sports features. Comfort options include lightweight frame and lens materials and adjustable nose pads. Lens features in Wiley X ballistic sunglasses include glare reduction, anti-fog coatings and full UV protection that is also distortion-free.


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