Ballistic (MILspec)

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Ballistic (MILspec) Rated Glasses

Glasses that meet U.S. Military Ballistic Fragmentation standards and styles on the U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List are referred to as MILspec. Tactical eyeglasses that meet the U.S. Military MIL-PRF-32432(GL) standard provide more protection from high mass and high velocity impact than high-impact rated civilian eyewear.

Prescription Military Glasses

Ballistic (MILspec) rated glasses and sunglasses are rated to protect wearers’ eyes from up to seven times more impact energy than eyewear rated with the basic American National Standards Institute Z87.1 standard. MILspec glasses are also more protective than frames and lenses that meet the high mass and high velocity ANSI Z87+ standard.


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