It doesn’t matter if you are buying cheap prescription glasses as long as they comply to the contemporary fashion standards. Eyewear today, is more than just a tool to help your vision, it is a gadget that defines your entire persona. In other words, regardless of your attire, cheap prescription glasses or sunglasses can elevate your entire look.

However, it is important that you follow the most contemporary trends especially when you buy cheap eyeglasses online. The following list will greatly help you regarding the top trends.

 Oversized Sunglasses

As the name states itself, this is an oversized set of eyewear. Among the best examples of such eyewear for women are the Bearcat sunglasses. They happen to be among the favorites for most women, and rightly so as they bring out the best of them despite the face structure. Oversized frames are normally a blend of round and cat eye sunglasses—both of which are top picks in women’s eyewear. Check out best cateye oversized frame on the site: ADMERAL

Tortoise Shell

When it comes to the top trends in women’s eyewear, missing out on some of the top—not to mention the trendiest—color schemes, is not an option. Whether you are looking forward to buy expensive plain glasses or cheap prescription sunglasses, get one in the tortoise shell.  This color scheme has stood out throughout the previous year. It is likely to stay in the top ranks in women’s eyewear this year as well. Check out one of our best selling Tortoise colored frames today: SPRING VALLEY


Thick Rimmed Glasses

These glasses weren’t always on the top charts, but that has changed completely since the past couple of years. Thick rimmed cheap eyeglasses are a very common and trendy option today. The best part is that if you are confused about what looks good on you, thick rimmed glasses will surely be a safe option. It’s like they are bound to be a great option for every woman. A lot of women opt for them while getting cheap prescription glasses. Check out our unique thick rimmed frames that has a wood texture finish to it: GROVE