There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to eyeglasses. There are all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors and it can get difficult to make a selection. It is best to keep more than one pair of eyeglasses so that you can change your eyeglasses frequently and sport a different look each time. To keep you on top of what is fashionable these days, here are the 5 eye glasses that are trending in the fashion world.

The Bold and Chunky Glasses

The bold and chunky glasses are a prominent frame that gives you a very bold and hip look. If carried with confidence these eyeglasses give you the ultimate look. These eyeglasses are one of the top trending especially the black frames, just like our Kentucky Frames.


The Exaggerated Glasses

The exaggerated glasses give an overstated look which looks trendy and in fashion. These eyeglasses may not suit every face but if they are worn on rare occasions, and go with the overall style of a person then they are the best accessory a person can wear. Check out East Point-Tortoise

east point

The Cat Eye Glasses

The Cat Eye Glasses are one of the most in fashion eyeglasses of 2016. They are better suited to females only and as the name describes the shape of the eyeglasses resembles the shape of a cat’s eyes. This frame gives a very bold and chic look to the one who wears them. Our most popular cateye frame is Primallite


Two Toned Glasses

The two tones glasses have two different colors on the top and lower rim respectively. There is a wide range of colors from which you can choose but the eyeglasses that are trending these days have a black top rim and a dark brown lower rim. Alternatively, if you select softer colors, these eyeglasses give a soft look when you wear them and are not very prominent, which is the look some people desire, just like our Aliquippa frames.


Black Round Glasses

Black round glasses are all the rage this season and are sported by men and women alike. They may not suit people with thin and long faces but look good on individuals with a broad face. These eyeglasses can also be bought in a range of other colors but black frames are in high demand due to the prominent look that they have. For us, we have Marion-Black


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