Welcome to the crystal clear world of eyeglasses

Prescription, safety, progressive and fashionable, in this world you will find eyewear of every type, every size and every shape. Today, our subject of discussion is rimless eyeglasses, and we will be presenting to you the cool, the unknown, and the absolutely eye-popping:

Facts about Rimless Eyeglasses:

  • A Trend Inspired From the Old

Rimless eyeglasses are considered the trend; the modern vogue of the present eyewear. But did you know these glasses are inspired from the old?

Revisit the 19th century and there you will find an Austrian inventor, by the name of J.F Voigtlander, who first accentuated the world with his rimless monocle, a frameless designed eyewear that we most commonly associate with The Penguin, an arch nemesis to the Batman. The rimless monocle of then, slowly evolved into the prince-nez and as the time progressed, it took the shape of what we know of it in the present world: The Rimless Eyeglasses!

  • They are Frameless

Yes, a rimless glass is free of a conspicuous appearance that we usually associate with eyewear. It consists of two temples and a nose bridge, which are screwed onto the two pieces of lens to give it a frameless look that we all admire. It is because of this hot feature that many people, who previously thought that wearing prescription eyeglasses made them look old and dull, now wear rimless glasses with confidence. It has become an accessory that exhibits itself as a style statement for many.

  • They are for Everyone

The delicate, sophisticated look of rimless eyewear makes many presume that they can only be worn by people who need minor vision corrections. But, in reality a rimless eyeglass is for everyone. Even those, who have strong prescriptions, can opt for rimless glasses in a lens shape that they prefer.

  • They Have Extremely Robust Makeup

When shopping for rimless glasses for women and men, some people have a perception that the eyewear is sensitive, and need to be handled with extreme care. You cannot fault them, such is the impression projected with the frameless look. However, these eyeglasses do have extremely robust makeup, especially if you are buying a pair of rimless glasses that has polycarbonate lenses, stocked by a reputable retailer. These glasses do come with superior scratch free characteristics and also have reinforced impact resistance.
Available in different styles, colors and shapes, rimless glasses for women and men are definitely a symbol of functional and stylistic eyewear.