Vision is a gift that most humans share yet often take for granted. Many of us go through life everyday seeing beautiful flowers, buildings, and the faces of our loved ones. We absorb the beauty of our world without a single thought of the importance of our vision. Sight is essential to our daily function because it allows us to navigate our world, thus making vision the most vital sense. Sight enables us to do activities as trivial as picking up a glass of water to performing major life-saving surgery. While our other four other senses do play an enormous role, sight is one of the most relied-upon tools for humans. If our four other main senses are weak, sight alleviates their shortcomings. Sight is more important than what we give it credit for, creating good and bad memories while essentially shaping us as people. Our vision impacts us more than we realize; imagine an infant opening their eyes for the first time gazing at the warm glow from their mothers. The first use of their sight is a reassuring, comforting feeling – highlighting the immense role sight plays in human interaction. When interacting face to face, our eyes are the first way we gather information. Vision aids in identifying when we are potentially putting ourselves in a harmful situation. When our eyes detect impending danger the signal is automatically sent to the brain, conveying the message of potential danger. Because sight is so important, you must take care of your eyes by visiting the optometrist annually. Optometrists provide visionary care by running tests, performing diagnostics and making sure your eyes are in the best condition. It is very important to keep your vision in excellent condition due to how important your vision is for everyday activities.

I feel this quote reads that you should always yearn or aspire for more by being ambitious. With that being said while doing so you must stay sensible and level headed through your journey. This is so important to understand because in a matter of seconds everything can fall apart. We are all on this journey called life and must remain grounded during the highs and lows. If we live by this motto our success will be our greatest reward.